Holiday Sickness Claims

The foreign office has reported a dramatic increase in the number of Holiday Sickness and Accident Abroad claims made over the last 12 months. As a result of this considerable increase, there are more claims for costs arising from successful cases.

Responding to such developments, we have placed in operation a dedicated team of Costs Draftsmen and Costs Negotiators who specialise in Holiday Sickness claims and are equipped to help Claimant Solicitors to combat the challenges involved in these cases: particularly those put forward by Defendants in an attempt to reduce your reasonably incurred costs.

The following statistics are based upon a sample of 50 substantive Holiday Sickness claims taken from our database:

Average case lifespan 7.4 months

Average costs claim concluded after 32 days

Average Base Profit Costs recovery of £3,239.02


Our dedicated Holiday Sickness Claims team, comprised of 7 experienced costs experts, acts for an expanding client base of personal injury specialists. Our costs experts have amassed a comprehensive database of the objections frequently put forward by Defendants in Holiday Sickness Claims. This is used to anticipate Defendants’ arguments and counter them effectively. In this way, we are able to negotiate optimal outcomes for each of our clients, within a shorter period of time.

Areas of expertise

•    Holiday Sickness
•    Accidents Abroad
•    Delayed Flights Claims
•    Terrorism Related Claims

Services available to Holiday Claims clients

•    Preparation of Estimates of Costs in Fast Track cases for Allocation and Listing
•    Preparation of Schedules of Costs or Statements of Costs for Hearings for 1 Day Trials or to support an application at Trial for an interim payment.
•    Preparation of detailed Bills
•    Costs Negotiations
•    Costs Advocacy:  Applications for Interim Payments, Provisional Assessments and Detailed Assessments


Our superior industry awareness and proactive recovery practises achieve:
Maximum recoveries – Speedy Recoveries – Competitive Prices

The number of clients instructing Just Costs Solicitors to handle the costs of their Holiday Illness cases continues to rise. This is due to our exceptional rate of performance.

•    We operate with honesty and professionalism
•    Our recoveries are higher than average
•    The lifespan of our cases are far shorter than average

The longest and weakest link in the chain of legal costs for holiday sickness claims is the court process. Delays caused by the defendant pale in comparison to the laborious business of guiding a case through the court system. Our experts are process driven and cases are settled expeditiously. Very few of the cases that we have dealt with so far have resorted to provisional assessment.


Reporting is available upon demand. We have the capacity to provide detailed written reports, in the form of an excel spreadsheet, at any time. Our practitioners are honest and professional and are available to hold discussions with clients upon request.


"Just Costs provide an excellent, client friendly service. Efficient, organised and prompt working - no deadline is too short and no file too cumbersome to deal with.

The fee earners at Just Costs have shown a particular talent for dealing with our Holiday Illness Claims and it is thanks to their team that we are enjoying the success we are in costs recovery. We can rely on the high level of expertise and wealth of knowledge that each Just Costs representative provides, and look forward to a long and successful working relationship with the firm. "

- Barrister-Direct


Click the image below to find out more regarding holiday claims with A Practical Guide to Holiday Sickness Claims by Andrew McKie & Ian Skeate: