Our Advocacy department is represented by a team of 20 skilled advocates, who have attended over 2,200 hearings on behalf of both paying and receiving parties.

Our advocates regularly argue their cases in the SCCO and County Courts, in detailed assessment and other costs-related matters. They also appear in the High Court, District Registries and County Courts at CCMCs and other costs-focused hearings during the course of substantive litigation.

Before advising you to request a detailed assessment hearing, one of our experienced advocates will review the bill and any offers made in order to determine whether that is the best strategy. Because they attend detailed assessment hearings so regularly, you can be confident that their views will represent the best possible advice available.

Our advocacy agents have experience in:

• Detailed assessment hearings and oral reviews of provisional assessments;
• Attendance at trials to argue about orders for costs;
• Applications for interim payments on account of costs;
• Representation at CCMCs to deal with disputes in relation to directions and costs budgets • Applications for security for costs;
• Applications for costs capping orders;
• Appeals;
• Applications for debarring orders following failures to comply with orders for interim payments on account of costs;
• Attendance at mediations, joint settlement meetings and arbitration

Full written advice is provided on each matter. Each client will receive an oral report on the date of completion of the Detailed Assessment hearing, and a written report within two working days.

We employ more experienced advocates than any other costs firm. Our unparalleled experience allows us to provide the best possible advice on the likely outcome of hearings which in turn facilitates strategic decision making and risk management. Our in-house advocacy team maintain a formidable presence in the Courts and are equipped to fully justify our clients’ costs. Alternatively, we have developed professional links with specialist costs Counsel who can be specially selected for each case.