Oliver Jones

Technical and Advocacy Manager

Tel: 0203 457 4611

Oliver joined a busy niche practice in Brighton over 18 years ago and within a year and a half was drawing and assessing his own Bills, and within 2 years had passed the ALCD associate's exam. In 1999 he joined a specialist consultancy in the City, learnt and flourished in advocacy at all levels up to the Privy Council and became involved in a number of reported cases and developed a specialism in Conditional Fee agreements. 

Having worked for both paying and receiving parties on all aspects of contentious costs Oliver progressed and passed the Fellowship exam in 2005. In 2006 he moved to a larger practice in the City, became a Costs Lawyer and graduated towards the recovery of high-value costs in personal injury and clinical negligence claims and nurtured a reputation for dealing with Litigants-in-persons. In 2009 he joined another City firm and managed the company's highly regarded commercial department. Oliver brings to the firm a breadth and depth of experience in all levels of costs, and with an expertise in modern funding arrangements.

Some of Oliver’s notable cases:

-    May & May v Wavell Group PLC & Bizarri [2016] EWHC B16 (Costs)
-    KASIR v DSRM [2000] (QBD LSG 22 March)
-    KAC v IAC [2002] UKPC39
-    Dymocks v Todd [2004] UKPC39
-    Robinson-Tait v Cataldo [2010] EWHC90166.

The libel actions brought by Robert Murat against various media outlets in 2008 (concerning his alleged involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann)