To deliver on our promises we have invested in specialised IT support and tailored our systems to meet our clients’ needs.

We have created a bespoke case management system utilising Proclaim by Eclipse.  We also have an electronic Law Library in order that our members of staff are kept up to date with the latest issues surrounding costs.

With the assistance of Eclipse, we have developed a file transfer protocol (“FTP”) link to electronically transfer files from our clients’ management system directly into our own.  This link is secure and provides instant transfer of files.  Today, around 40% of all our instructions come to us via the FTP link.

We also offer clients access to our “FileView” system which enables real-time case tracking.  This is accessed via our website and has password protected firewall security.

All staff members utilise a twin screen system to ensure efficient drafting and more complete negotiations for our clients.  Our employees are also able to access our IT systems when visiting other Just Costs offices or by logging on at home.