Blog - Wednesday 6 November 2013

All Bets Are Off

For those non-costs specialists (i.e. the 99.99% of the population who aren’t massive nerds), the Andrew Mitchell MP v NGN Ltd Appeal is being heard by Lord Dyson and two other Court of Appeal Judges tomorrow.

Anyone who has shared a glass of wine with me recently or, had to suffer through any kind of costs talk/seminar, will know that I am 100% convinced that the Appeal won't succeed.

For anyone reading this after Judgment has been handed down and the Appeal was allowed, I didn't write this. A ghost writer did.

All joking aside, the last time I was this excited about a Judgment was the Garrett & Myatt cases in 2006.  For those old enough to remember where they were when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon (my elder brother was born that day - the occasion proved too much for my mother who went into labour) and where they were when JFK was shot - I I remember where I was when Garrett & Myatt were handed down.  

I am sure I will remember Mitchell in the same way.  Either the writing will be on the wall and budgeting will be taken seriously or, it will go the way of costs estimates within Allocation Questionnaires.