Blog - Tuesday 24 September 2013

Seminars & Events 

I am speaking at 4 events this week, 6 in October and 3 so far in November.  Whilst the last minute scramble for CPD points must be responsible for some of this (lets face it, costs isn’t the sexiest topic of all time), I believe there is another reason.

For those firms who I saw at the start of the year, I said then that I thought in Autumn 2013 we would have a good indication of how the Court was approaching budgeting as well as seeing lots of creative retainers.

Well it is now Autumn 2013 and what do we know?  

It’s the wild west out there.

Lots of different Courts are doing different things.  Manchester (for large budgets) are holding a mini assessment, another Courts’ approach is one of “this is all very interesting, well done its an impressive document – I’m making no ruling on the budgets, but thank you”.  A mixed bag one might call it.

And retainers?  There is a myth that a Third Party Funder has come up with a Discounted DBA.  Its not a Discounted DBA. If it is, I am a dead ringer for George Clooney. It’s a discounted CFA with the Third Party Funder keeping some of the success fee.

Discounted CFAs are still the holy grail (for commercial litigation) and full fat CFAs are the norm in PI and Clin Neg.

I’m off to write another costs talk. I’m going to spice it up a bit (yes that 2003 reference).