Blog - Tuesday 17 September 2013

All Bark and No Bite 

I must warn any readers who are of a nervous disposition to navigate away from this page immediately.

It seems the harsher sanctions, the ‘blood on the floor’ that the Master of the Rolls warned us about, is a myth.  Much like the English summer, fat free chocolate, the English football team’s performance against the Ukraine and WMD’s in Iraq, it does not exist.  As Monty Python once said, “this is a dead parrot”.

For the now staggering 4 avid readers of this blog, the SCCO today set aside a Default Costs Certificate which it should not have.  Further more, the Master seemed surprised and somewhat annoyed that we even contested having it set aside.

The last great hope, is the Court of Appeal decision in the Andrew Mitchell MP case against The Sun.  If the CoA lays down the law and comes out fighting, all other Courts will have to fall in line.