Blog - Monday 2 September 2013

Interesting Budgeting Hearings So Far... 

  1. Budgeting hearing held by telephone in April. Adjourned to October as the Court hadn't received the other sides budget. 
  2. Another April budgeting hearing. Court ruled even though there was a specific Order ruling both parties to file costs budgets, all cases issued pre April weren't subject to the new costs budgeting rules.

  3. Order from the Court in April Ordering both parties to file and serve budgets by Mid April. CMC listed for September, case settles in June.

  4. Defendant failed to serve its budget within the time prescribed by the specific Order.  Court provides D with a further 7 days. Still no budget. At the CMC the Judge allowed D's budget in with no sanctions.

  5. Manchester High Court is Ordering all parties to file and serve the documents 'behind' the budget - i.e. how many letters and telephone calls have been estimated, how many hours on documents etc.  Manchester is holding a Detailed Assessment in advance.

  6. At a recent CMC, without submissions the DJ awarded 50% of each parties' budget. 

There are lots more horror stories (some of which are being appealed) and some more sensible ones. I would be very interested in hearing any others you may have experienced - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.