Blog - Friday 16 August 2013


My new buzz word.  After the furore over the Andrew Mitchell MP ‘plebgate’/failure to file a budget case, comes…. Nothing.

A colleague of mine attended a CMC yesterday. D failed to file a budget by the deadline Ordered by the Court (for those 2 avid readers of this blog, I know you will be remembering CPR 3.13 now). Court makes a further Order of its own volition, giving D another 7 days to file a budget.

D files its budget 4 days after the extension provided by the Court. C fires off an excellent skele for the CMC and points to Master McCloud’s decision in Mitchell v Sun.

DJ states “well this is my first budget hearing, so I’m going to allow it in”. D having failed to comply with two Court Orders and having provided no explanation.

If anyone knows any of the five Court of Appeal Judges email addresses, please forward them this tale of woe.

Consistency. If Stuart Broad could get it, he would be the worlds best bowler. Arsene Wenger already has it (failing to win a trophy for how many years it is now?).  The judiciary needs it.