Blog - Wednesday 31 July 2013

Abbreviations/Acronyms Explained (2)

DAH – Detailed Assessment Hearing.  Normally a free for all, where he who shouts loudest and longest wins.

PoC – Particulars of Claim.  

SSD – Schedule of Special Damages.

N252 – Notice of Commencement.  The form that you serve your Bill of Costs under.

N251 – Notice of Funding (NoF).   Your best friend or worst enemy depending upon whether its been filed and served.

DCFA Lite – My favourite type of retainer.  Discounted Conditional Fee Agreement Lite.  You pay your solicitor something regardless of the outcome of the case.  If you win, you pay more – including a success fee.  However the solicitor limits what you pay to what is agreed/recovered/awarded from the PP (see previous post).  A very clever invention that moves up (and down) in fees without breaching the Indemnity Principle.

Retro – Retrospective.  You can also have a Retro DCFA Lite.  Not retro in terms of style (typed on a typewriter, faintly smelling of cigarettes and seen on the set of Mad Men), but retrospective to a specific point in time or ‘first instruction’.