Blog - Tuesday 30 July 2013

Costs Abbreviations/Acronym’s Explained

PP – Paying party 

RP – Receiving party

SCCO – Highest court in the land where even a first instance decision is binding on every other judge, ever*

DCC – Default Costs Certificate.  Little point even getting one, even post 01.04.13 they are still being set aside willy nilly (another appeal I am currently running)

Precedent H – an excel spread sheet that doesn’t work, isn’t fit for purpose and obviously designed by someone who has never conducted litigation

DQ – Directions questionnaire.  Also wrong.  It states that the Precedent H budget should be attached. It shouldn’t.  CPR states that budgets should be filed and served no less than 7 days before the first CMC (unless the Court Orders otherwise), not when serving and filing a DQ

PD – Practice Direction.  Contrary to popular costs specialists opinions, these do exist. They are real.

Prop – Proportionality. The new buzz word in town. Note that there is no helpful PD to assist anyone when dealing with Prop.

* - Not actually true, but its what all costs draftsman/costs lawyers think

More to follow….