Blog - Monday 3 February 2014

Crystal Balls

No its not the new nickname for David Beckham, its what Just Costs keep in their storeroom.

Mr Justice Ramsey announced last week that the April update of the Civil Procedure Rules will contain the outcome of the Costs Budgeting Review on the two controversial exemptions – the Commercial Court and £2m+ cases in the TCC.

Now to hazard a guess as to what the amendments will be…  I predict that compulsory Costs Budgeting will be applied in the Commercial Court and TCC on all cases with a pleaded value of £10m.  

If I’m right – expect another self congratulatory post in May!


Directions Questionnaire – Case Law

In other news, Just Costs’ very own Nick McDonnell struck a victorious blow for common sense in the recent appeal case of Porbanderwalla v Daybridge (to be reported soon), in which the Court automatically awarded both parties Court fees only, as neither of them returned their budgets with the Directions Questionnaire.  This issue has been a bone of contention among practitioners since the inception of budgeting – fortunately HHJ Worster sitting in Birmingham made the right decision and overturned the ruling, finding that a Directions Questionnaire was not an Order of the Court and therefore no party had fallen foul of any Rule or Order.