Blog - Thursday 19 December 2013

Sometimes Cheaper Is Better

With the party season upon us, I have some recommendations – always drink a pint of water before going to bed (you will thank me for this), but perhaps something even more impressive – Aldi’s Limoux sparkling wine (they’re not allowed to call it Champagne) is amazing.  Really amazing.  Plus its £6.99 a bottle. I guarantee you wont be able to tell the difference between it and a bottle of expensive Champers.

In relation to costs however, cheaper is never better.  Lawyers = Fee Earners. Their fees are what keep the lights on, the salaries paid and the boss in a new Jag every year. Why on earth would you entrust those fees to someone who charges the cheapest?

Also – if you haven’t done so already, my top tip for 2013 is to check your costs draftsman’s level of professional indemnity insurance - If they make a mistake on a Bill (or heaven forbid a Budget), you want to rest easy knowing that their insurance can foot the bill. Unfortunately very few costs firms realise this and always opt for the cheapest insurance.